Water Resources Topics

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The Effects of the November 1981 Liquid-Fertilizer Pipeline Break on Groundwater in Phelps County, Missouri
by Jim Vandike, 29 p., 1982.

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Appraisal Groundwater Resource
by Michael J. Kleeschulte, Thomas O. Mesko and James E. Vandike, 80 p., 27 figs., 1 pl., 11 tbls., 1985.
Presents subsurface geologic and groundwater hydrologic data for an area in western Missouri experiencing increasing demands on groundwater resources due to municipal, industrial and agricultural needs. Groundwater resources of each aquifer system, including hydraulic characteristics and chemical quality, are discussed.

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Base-Flow Recession Characteristics and Seasonal Low-Flow Frequency Characteristics for Missouri Streams
by John Skelton, 43 p., 5 figs., 2 app., 1970.
Includes base flow recession characteristics of 116 continuous- and partial-record stations and seasonal low-flow frequency information on 215 continuous- and partial-record stations.

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Carryover Storage Requirements for Reservoir Design in Missouri
by John Skelton, 60 p., 1 pl., 9 figs., app., 1971.
Presents data that can be used in preliminary studies of storage structures and comparing development potential of streams.

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