Reports of Investigations

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38th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals- St. Louis- Missouri- April 28 - May 3- 2002
edited by Cheryl M. Seeger, 2004, 310 p.

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Ash-flow tuffs of Precambrian Age in Southeast Missouri, (Contribution to Precambrian Geology No. 3) - CD
by Dewey H. Amos and George A. Desborough 28 p., 3 pls., 3 figs., 2 tbls., 1970.
Discusses 150-mi2 area in western part of St. Francois Mountains.

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Association of Missouri Geologists 50th Annual Meeting Field Trip Guidebook
edited by Thomas G. Plymate, 2004, 72 p.
(This publication is also available FREE at the Department
of Natural Resources? Division of Geology and Land
Survey Web site under Publications.)

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Barite Oil Potential Four Tailings Pond
by Heyward M. Wharton, 58 p., 5 pls., 9 figs., 14 tbls., 6 app.,
Amounts and size-grade distribution of barite itemized
with assay maps of tailings ponds.

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Chemical Analysis of Selected Missouri Coal and Some Statistical Implications
by W. Keith Wedge, D.M.S. Bhatia, and A.W. Rueff, 40 p., 4 figs., 12 tbls., 1976.
Describes chemical composition of Missouri coals from active mining areas in northern and western Missouri, using X-ray fluorescence, optical emission, neutron activation and wet chemical techniques including atomic absorption.

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Chemical Composition of Missouri Coals
by W. Keith Wedge and Joseph R. Hatch, 102 p., 10 figs., 16
tbls., 1980 (reprinted 1984)
Reports chemical composition of 113 samples of Missouri
coal from mines and drill cores in Pennsylvanian Cherokee
and Marmaton Groups. Results reported include major-,
minor- and trace-element composition; proximate a
-loss, forms-of-sulfur, free-swelling-index, and ash-fusion
temperature determinations.

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Clay Mineralogy & Ceramic Properties of Lower Cabaniss Underclays in Western Missouri
by A.C. Tennissen, 56 p., 21 figs., 11 tbls., 1967.
Describes mineral and chemical components, petrography,
and ceramic properties of Weir-Pittsburg, Tebo, and
Mineral underclays in Barton, Vernon, St. Clair and
Henry counties.

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Coal NE Carroll/SE Livingston
by Wallace B. Howe and Walter V. Searight, 8 p., 1 pl., 1953
Describes distribution, persistence, thickness and
quality of Croweburg and Bevier coal beds in
Pennsylvanian strata of northeastern Carroll and
southeastern Livingston counties.

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Coal Resources/Reserves of MO
by Charles E. Robertson and David C. Smith, 49 p., 3 figs.,
7 tbls., 1981.
Detailed estimate of Missouri?s coal resources as
of July 31, 1976. Tables give average proximate
analyses; original and remaining coal resources;
remaining identified recoverable coal reserves,
recoverable coal resources by county, coal bed,
and coal bed thickness; and remaining identified
strippable coal resources by county, coal bed, and
coal bed and overburden thicknesses.

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Conodont Biostratigraphy of Chesterian Strata in Southwestern Missouri
by Thomas L. Thompson, 57 p., 1 pl., 5 figs., 10 tbls., 1972.
Hindsville Limestone and Batesville, Fayetteville
and Carterville Formations of southwestern Missouri
correlated by conodonts with formations of type
Chesterian Series in southern Illinois and with
Chesterian strata in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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