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Diaspore - A Depleted Non-Renewable Mineral Resource of Missouri
by W D. Keller, 36 p., 32 figs., 1979.
Outlines discovery and depletion of Missouri diaspore, a non-renewable mineral resource and superior refractory material.

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Geologic Wonders and Curiosities
by Thomas R. Beveridge, Second Edition, revised by Jerry D. Vineyard, 392 p., 163 figs., app., 1991.
Locates and describes more than 400 interesting geologic features including mountains, hills, knobs, mounds, shutins, waterfalls, rapids, bluffs and others.

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Missouri Landscapes - A Tour Through Time
by Jon L. Hawker, 326 p., 201 illus., 1992.
A journey through time in Missouri. This book traces both geological changes and biological development from as far in the past as the imagination and geological science can explore to the present time and beyond.

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Missouris Ice Age Animals
by Maurice G. Mehl, 115 p., 39 figs., 1962.
Describes in laymen?s terms characteristics and distribution of Pleistocene vertebrate fauna.

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Water in Missouri
by Barbara Harris, 28 p., 19 figs., 1979.
Describes availability and sources of groundwater and surface water. Discusses use, problems and supply development.

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